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Sports - Deep Tissue Massage
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Concentrating on specific areas of tension/injury, increasing flexibility and reducing healing time. This is a deeper massage working through the superficial muscles to the deeper muscles. Can be used to maintain the body at your optimum level, good for pre sport activity. equally good for non sport activity, recovery.

Full Body Massage
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Can be either a deeper massage or more relaxing lighter massage depending on your wishes and requirements. A great MOT for the body and mind.

Aromatherapy Massage
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Totally unwind with a relaxing massage with the added benefit of the healing properties of aromatic essential oils. Works on so many levels triggering responses mentally emotionally and physically. Simply the best way to unwind from lifes stresses and tensions. Just switch off and chill out!


Essential oils can be used on any of the above massages.


Head - Neck - Back - Shoulders Massage
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Slow down, chill out and unwind with a completely stress busting massage.

Indian Head Massage
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A truly relaxing massage concentrating on your head, neck, back and shoulders. performed on a specially designed chair. The ultimate in relaxation.

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Your feet are a map of your body. So reflexology works on all the systems of the body through the relative points on your feet. Not just a therapeutic treatment but very relaxing too.

Office/On Site Massage
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I have been visiting offices on a regular basis now for more than a decade. one office I even visit every week.

It is a great aid to the staffs well being, increased staff moral and makes them feel valued too.

Massage in the workplace can help refresh the staffs mind and body, it releases and also stimulates creativity in the workplace.

Massage has a positive impact in the work environment. it is performed on a specially designed chair, no oil is used, all you need is a quiet area of the office.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information, have any questions, or want to discuss a treatment.

Simon 0791426 1476


Every body welcome!


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